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Rebuilding together.

Free 3D Property Scanning for Business Insurance Claims

Dear Chicago,

RubiScan stands in solidarity with Black and Marginalized Communities.  

We are currently offering our 3D scanning service for free to minority owned and local businesses that have been damaged by looting and protests, as having 3D Documentation of Damage can be invaluable in processing insurance claims.


In the event that a business owner does not have insurance, or if their claim has been denied, we still believe our 3D Documentation could prove to be very useful in the owner's grassroots efforts to raise funds and awareness of their situation.

Benefits of 3D Scanning: 3D Documentation makes it harder for insurance companies to dispute damage claims. 

Request a FREE 3D Scan

Solicitar un escaneo 3D Gratis

Click below to view our 3D Scans:

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